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52° Good Evening
52° Good Evening
  • Things are off to a bad start this morning. Besides the gloomy weather, there are delays on L and M trains, and the R trains are running on the express track. There are 30-minute delays on the PATH trains as well. There was an early accident on the lower level of the Queensboro Bridge, and it's an otherwise slow ride to work today with the rain. It's a lot to wake up to. 

    Minus 10 for this start to the day. The Charge is now 65%. 

  • For Mayor Bill de Blasio's birthday, he is giving the city of New York the official budget. On his 53rd birthday, de Blasio will unveil his 2015 executive budget--and he's likely to make everyone happy with the official numbers on what the teachers' union contract, right? Or the affordable housing plan? Oh god, this sounds like a terrible birthday. Sorry, Mr. Mayor--the celebration isn't even until tomorrow night. Maybe everyone will let the
    dad jokes slide today

    Minus 5 for the birthday letdown. The Charge is now 68%. 
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