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52° Good Evening
52° Good Evening
  • It's a gray, foggy, and humid morning, with rain forecasted temperatures not expected to raise above the 60s. Traffic is already slow and alerts have been issued for downtown Manhattan, since President Obama will be at the dedication of the 9/11 museum. And there were early morning delays on BDF line as well as the L. At least the LIRR is operating back on schedule though. 

    Minus 10 for this gray start to the day, no matter how appropriate given the somber day. The Charge is 75%. 
  • This is a nice story out of New Paltz. According to NBC New York, three roommates found $40,000 in cash in a couch they had picked up at the Salvation Army for $20. When they found a woman's name on one of the envelope, and they tracked her down, and she said "Oh I left a lot of money in that couch." Her children had apparently given the couch away without realizing about the money. The students returned the money to her.

    Plus 20 for such a nice story. The Charge is now 95%. 
  • Chipotle is now publishing new pieces by actual writers Toni Morrison, Jonathan Safran Foer, Michael Lewis, and more on their paper cups and bags, according to Vanity Fair. Yes, you read that right. The idea came from Foer, who was one day sitting at Chipotle with nothing to read--a disaster, apparently? 

    Minus 10 for this. Is the future of literature? You know what, minus another 5 at the thought. The Charge is now 80%. 
  • Disney has released a new teaser for its forthcoming Cinderalla movie. But to call it a teaser is giving it way too much credit. This is beyond a tease. What a let down! Thanks for bringing the charge down with your bad magic, Disney. The Charge is now 75%.
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