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The Charge: June 5, 2014

  • This news, sadly, isn't especially shocking. According to a new poll, nearly half of adults under 35 are harassed online, and the majority of them are women. This brings The Charge down to 40%.
  • What a gloomy morning. Not only do we all still have the heartbreak of the Rangers hanging over us, it seems like one of those days where you need an ark to get to work. There are two lanes shut down on the BQE already, and one-hour delays at LaGuardia. There's one (tiny) bright spot: There are zero subway delays so far. 

    Minus 10 for the gloominess, but plus 2 back for at least there being no subway delays. The Charge is 32%. 
  • Who wouldn't love to have their workout caught on camera? Oh right, no one wants their workout captured. 

    President Obama's bad week just got even worse--now he was captured on camera working out (with jetlag too) at a gym in Poland. The Secret Service's gym policy is being questioned, with the Daily Mail calling it a "security breach." To make matters even worse, Men's Journal has already come up with a list of what's wrong with Obama's workout. Ouch. 

    Watch and judge for yourself: 

    Obama Workout Caught on Camera
    by Caroline Linton via YouTube

    All right, sorry President Obama, but plus 10 for giving this to us. It could be worse--think about when poor Prince Harry was captured on video without his knowledge. The Charge is now 42%. 

  • Cancel what you're up to this weekend. "Orange Is the New Black" will be streaming on Netflix starting at 3 am Friday, and the reviews are already excellent. The New York Times called the show "smart entertainment," The Washington Post calls it "wickedly unrestrained," The Daily Beast said the second season is "more bingeworthy than the first." 

    Plus 20 for the excitement. Although minus 2 for dropping at 3 am like that on a Friday -- does this mean everyone can call in sick to work tomorrow? School's back in session anyway, so you don't even have to deal with the kids. The Charge is now 60%. For now, at least we have the trailer: 

    Orange Is The New Black - Season 2 - Official Trailer
    by Caroline Linton via YouTube

  • "Ghostbusters" is 30 years old! To celebrate, Sony Pictures is re-releasing the movie to theaters this August. They'll also be issuing Blu-ray releases of both the first movie and its (not as good but still funny) sequel in September. The Charge is now 65%. Because this gives us a good reason to bring back the hit song from the first movie -- who are you gonna call?

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