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Clear 44° Good Afternoon

The Charge: June 2, 2014

  • A gorgeous weekend and now a gorgeous Monday in the cards?! How did we get so lucky? We should all knock on wood, multiple times. The Charge is at 80%.

  • As if New York weren't crowded enough, the city may be getting four high-profile new residents: the Obamas. While the Obama's library will likely be in Chicago, New York could get the real prize: the president himself. According to Politico, Obama's friend Alonzo Mourning said that for the president, "one thing that stood out more than anything else was New York." And senior adviser Valerie Jarret said "What he cherishes and misses is the serendipity — you don’t know who you’re going to bump into or what they’re going to say." Um, sure! Spoken like someone who hasn't live in New York since that year after college, when running into people on the street wasn't a study in embarrassment. Hawaii is also apparently on the table. 

    First of all, minus 10 for giving Chicago the library, and another minus 5 because clearly Obama doesn't remember this winter if he would ever consider New York over Hawaii. But plus 5 for the possibility of the Obamas acknowledging that New York is the best city, and another plus 5 for the idea of Sasha living out some type of Gossip Girl-like life at NYC prep schools for the last few years she's in high school. The Charge is 75%. 
  • Oh Manhattan. Where else would this happen? 

    The penthouse condo in the Woolworth Building will be on the market for a whopping reported $110 million, according to Bloomberg. Remember, this is the Woolworth Building, which is located around the corner from City Hall--not exactly the most residential neighborhood--and it's also New York's oldest skyscraper. It's the highest price listing price ever for a downtown property. 

    Flickr / 24668220@N08 

    Minus 15 for the reminder that we're all too poor to live in NYC anymore. Enjoy the penthouse, at least there are less bedbugs, according to the Post. The Charge is now 60%. 

  • When it comes to the names of hurricanes, are we all letting out gender bias get to us? Seems so, considering a new study that shows that "people unconsciously think a storm with a female name is less dangerous than one with a masculine name, those in its path are less likely to flee, and are therefore more vulnerable to harm," as Reuters puts it. More on the study here. The Charge drops to 50%.
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