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Clear 44° Good Afternoon

The Charge: April 29, 2014

  • A new report shows tech is leading the city in job growth and in salaries. Good news for all you techies out there! And for the city as a whole, too. This good news brings The Charge up to 75%.
  • It's going to be a rainy three days ahead. The storm system that caused tornados in the South is headed up toward us, leading to several days of severe rain--3.75 in total, in fact. 

    This about sums up our feelings on it: 

    Minus 20. The Charge is now 55%. 

  • The Tony nominations are out!  The musical comedy "A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder" led the race, with 10 nominations. But the Alan Cumming-led revival of "Cabaret" was mostly shut out (the judges said Cumming himself wasn't eligible, but the show wasn't nominated for best revival of a musical). 

    Polk & Co.

    Plus 10 for showing some love for a musical about love and murder, as well as bringing the Shakespeare love. And another plus 5 for recognizing the brilliance of Mark Rylance, who was nominated for "Twelfth Night" AND "Richard III." But minus 5 for not recognizing Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. The Charge is now 65%. 

  • Ready for "Godzilla" yet? There's another trailer out, a little less cryptic than the first. Whatever it is, all we can say is get ready for Memorial Day weekend. 
    Godzilla Official International Trailer #2 (2014) - Bryan Cranston Monster Movie HD
    by Caroline Linton via YouTube

    Plus 10 for the excitement, although minus 2 for slowing killing our souls with anticipation. The Charge is now 73%. 

  • Hungry? There's no NYC snack quite like Pommes Frites-- a big cone filled with crispy fries accompanied by a seemingly never-ending list of sweet and savory dipping sauces.

    Ok, this East Village joint is not going to help with your diet resolutions-- but this week it's not going to make your wallet thinner, either! TableHoppingNY, a site that "connects you to all the delicious experiences NY has to offer," is giving away a mobile coupon for a free regular sized fry with one sauce.
    All you have to do is enter your name and email here and use it by May 4.
    (Photo credit: Instagram/@li_ohh)

    Plus 15 for free food, obviously. But minus 8 for all the extra hours we're going to have to spend at the gym this week. The Charge is now 80%.
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