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The Charge: April 25, 2014

  • Ronald McDonald has a new look. We decided to see how he's changed through the years. If you don't like clowns, you may not like this... Scary Ronald brings The Charge down to 60%.
  • It might be chilly outside this morning, but at least we have the memories of Leslie Knope to keep us warm. The season 6 finale wrapped everything up neatly, and had a slew of guest stars, including Michelle Obama, Jon Hamm, the Decembrists, Letters to Cleo and Ginuwine. Even though the show has been renewed for a 7th season, it didn't look like anyone told the "Parks and Rec" crew, which jumped ahead three years into the future to show how happy everyone is. Is the show jumping ahead in the future? Who knows? Enjoy the Unity Concert, complete with a hologram of Lil' Sebastian and a Duke SIlver cameo. 
    Parks and Recreation - The Pawnee-Eagleton Unity Concert (Episode Highlight)
    by Caroline Linton via YouTube

    Plus 15 for happy endings for all! The Charge is now 75%

  • Does it feel like you spend half your life in traffic? Yeah, it turns out the amount of time Americans have spent in traffic in the past 30 years has increased 525, according to Forbes

    Minus 20 for reminding us of this all-too-true fact. The Charge is now 55%
  • A love affair between a female zebra named Rayas and a donkey named Ignacio at a Mexican zoo has led to a rare "zonkey" offspring. According to the zoo, Ignacio and Rayas lived on nearby farms, and Ignacio would visit everyday. Donkey and zebra chromosomes are not even usually compatible, so who even knows how this zonkey was even born, but let's just look at footage instead of worrying about the details. 
    Raw: Rare Baby Zonkey Born in Mexico Zoo
    by Caroline Linton via YouTube

    Plus 20 for true love! Haters gonna hate but we say let your freak flag fly, zonkey, you're beautiful the way you are. The Charge is now 55%. 
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